January 7th, 2019


January 7--Life is a carnival--two bits a shot.

I went in to work again today to work on accreditation stuff and get one of our rooms ready for a licensure exam prep class our former students are taking. Unlike yesterday, when I was the only one there, the place was crawling with people. It's the start of the buildup to the Spring semester.

I got some of the stuff I needed to get done done, and should be able to finish it all up tomorrow. My boss has set aside some time for us to go over what we've got and see if it makes sense. It's a 200+ page description of our nursing program, written by four different people, with help from a bunch of other people, so kind of a big undertaking, and complex.

I was talking to one of the other team members about this whole thing, and trying to remember why I got involved in the first place. She said, "It was a free trip to New Orleans," which it was. Our boss sent us there to learn how to do this. That was almost 2 years ago, and now we are here, finishing up our self-study, and getting ready for the accreditation visit in March.

man down

He's no fun, he fell right over.

I guess I was lucky about only losing power for a few minutes last night. There were more than 100,000 people who lost power, most for a lot longer than I did. It was an impressive storm. No rain today, though, and actually a lovely day. I took a walk around the campus for a while. The rain will start up again tonight, and continue until around the end of the week.


The Performing Arts Center at the north end of the quad. The first day of my first photo class at SCC, our teacher marched us out here to take a picture of the fountain. It's the money shot on campus. I took this one today, 12 years after that class.

Taking a photo class was one of the things on the list I made at New Years back in 2005-2006. When I think back, I realize how life-changing that time was. I was about to start teaching my first class as an adjunct in the nursing program, and I was about to start learning how to use a camera as a tool. Both of these things would have a strong influence on the course of my life in the next 12 years.

I thought about what I want to focus on with my photography this year. I think I will continue to work on developing my landscape photography skills, for sure, but I also want to go back to just documenting the things I come across in my daily life. As much as I like getting that awesome landscape shot, I really love just capturing the small moments that occur in the course of my day. So I guess that's what I will concentrate on this year.
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