January 9th, 2019


January 9--The impertinence of the random shot

I slept fitfully last night, for no particular reason. I read some of my Mars book before bed and fell asleep pretty quickly. I thought I slept fine, but my sleep tracker says, "no way, dude". I did wake up at 3:30 when Malida was getting ready for work (She leaves at 4 am), and never really got back to sleep. I got up and puttered around for a while before going in to work at 5:30.

I worked on getting stuff ready for the start of the semester in a little less than two weeks. I think it is pretty much all good to go. Now all I need are students to show up.

After that I went to my boss' office and we took a look at all the stuff for our accreditation report, which needs to be submitted in a couple of weeks. Overall it looks good, with a few revisions here and there. We are hoping to kind of get it all tied up tomorrow so we can give it to some folks to read for us. I'm off after tomorrow until the semester starts, so it will be nice to not have to think about it. Technically, I have been off since December 18, but....


My kitchen from back in 2006. The kitchen looks pretty much the same today, other than there is a new stove and microwave now, and I have an electric kettle. And those ugly curtains are gone.

The interesting thing about this picture is that there are all sorts of little symbolic things scattered around the room, that I must have placed deliberately, and it's not stuff anyone else would notice--they only have significance for me. I don't remember what this picture was about, and when I go back and look at the original entry, it sheds no light, other than "a picture every day".

I miss that shirt.

After work this afternoon, I went for a walk in the park. I saw a bunch of yellow-beaked magpies, but didn't have my big camera with me, so they remain elusive. There was hardly anyone there. Just a guy walking his dog and a girl sitting on a bench reading a book. And me, walking around the duck pond a few times.

old tree

One of the old oaks in the park. I like this treatment. It seems to fit. It looks like a postcard.
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