January 13th, 2019


January 12--Thinking of oatmeal bread

I actually wasn't thinking of oatmeal bread, but then that subject line auto-filled, and now I am. The Oroweat people used to bake an oatmeal bread back when I was a kid. They don't bake it anymore, and I miss it. I've tried making my own oatmeal bread, but it's not the same. It had a unique flavor when toasted, which was only enhanced by some butter spread over it. Dang.

I'll bet if I looked back to a year ago, when I used that subject line, I would find that I wrote pretty much the same thing.

I looked back, and I didn't write anything about oatmeal bread. It was a random subject line, unrelated to anything.

We are all packed, and the car is filled with powerful gasoline. I'm just waiting for Malida to wake up so we can go. I think we will leave about 7 or 7:30, and take our time getting out there. I would like to drive along the Bohemian Highway and maybe stop in the town of Occidental, just because. Tomorrow's subject line could then be, "Greetings from Occidental", even though I would no longer be in Occidental when I wrote it. I'm not eating oatmeal bread either, so I guess it doesn't matter. It's all random.

When I get back, it will be time for school to start up again. Everything is ready to go. My first lecture isn't for four weeks, so I get to ease into it somewhat. It's still a roller coaster ride.

I am also taking a class this semester, but it doesn't start until March, as it is a half-semester class. It is another landscape photography class, and the field trip is again on the east side of the Sierras, but further south, almost to Death Valley. It is just before the start of Spring Break, so kind of a perfect time to take some days off.


Mook in one of her favorite spots. If I am around the house, she is always close by. She is wandering around the office now, playing with things and thinking about what she can knock off the table.