January 20th, 2019


January 20--Things my mother never told me

It is a lovely rainy relaxing Sunday morning. Malida is watching Korean dramas, and I am editing pictures from our trip up the coast and listening to music. According to my watch, I slept 9 hours last night, and feel well-rested. The new semester starts up on Tuesday, so it is good to be well-rested.

We had meetings on Thursday and Friday. Normally these would be part of the big, whole-campus meetings, but we got excused from that so we could work on our accreditation report, which needs to be sent off next week to the accreditation people. All the different parts have been put together, and we are almost done. It will be a relief to not be working on it anymore.

I got the prints back from the place in Chicago. I am mostly pleased with how they turned out.


This one turned out great. I like this process--"box frame"--though I would probably opt for a 1/2 inch box rather than the full inch I got here.

I did another one with a different process--kind of an acrylic surface, which looks pretty good, but I can see some flaws and bubbles in the surface. I called the people who did the work, and they say that's normal. I won't use that process with them again.


You can't really see the flaws here, but you can see me taking the picture, reflected in the surface. Maybe I'm being too picky about it, but I am planning to make these to sell, so they have to be perfect. I sent some off to a different place the other day, so I'll see how those turn out.


In other news, I dug out my mandolin and tuned it up. I re-learned a few simple chords, and it sounds pretty good, even with 14-year old strings. I will play around with it and see if it captures my attention enough to learn something.


Here's some old colored bottles in an old window at Fort Ross, up the coast.