January 22nd, 2019


January 22--Your Tungsten Heart

It was the first day of class today. All but one student showed up on time, and the one who was late came around later and apologized to each of the instructors personally. I thought that spoke well of him.

On the first day, we collect a lot of papers from the students, give them an orientation to the semester, and then jump right in to the content. I don't start lecturing for a month, so once orientation was over at 9 am, I went back to my office.

school on the first day

We are still editing our accreditation document, and we met this morning to see where we are at. We are so close to being ready to send it off. We are working on hyperlinks within the document and appendices now. I spent some time reading the compliance requirements and looking to see if we address everything. I found one area that we needed more info, found that info, and put it in.

I ended up working straight through until about 3 pm, and forgot to take lunch. I came home and had a sandwich, and when I was done eating, Malida arrived home from her first day of class. She is taking the top-level ESL reading class. The book they are using is Fahrenheit 451. Once she is done with this class, she will be done with ESL.

I put down the third volume in the Mars trilogy I have been reading (more than 1000 pages so far!) for the moment, and picked up a novel I read years ago and thought about the other day. I like going back and re-reading certain books--particularly the ones that have transported me to another place. I also have a real fondness for some of the characters in this book, so it is like revisiting old friends. The book is The Cider House Rules by John Irving.


I came back here (to my little home office) to do some work at about 5, and fell asleep in my chair until almost 7. I needed that. I woke up in time to send Malida off to bed (she gets up at 3 am), and now I am kicking back and listening to some music. Pretty soon I will pick up my book and spend some more time with old friends.
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