January 26th, 2019


January 26--Nice Rock!

We finished up our accreditation report yesterday. Everything is done except giving it page numbers. It ended up being 234 pages long with appendices, which is pretty much what they said it should be. Once we had this printed copy in hand, there was this huge sense of relief that everyone on the team felt. I would have liked to spend more time basking in that relief, but I had to go orient my students to their clinical rotation. But, yeah.


I came home completely exhausted, but wound up, so no nap. Malida was home, and had cooked some food, so I ate, and relaxed. It's Saturday now, and I have nothing pressing to do, though I am going to do something today. Something interesting!

second batch

My second batch of prints, this time from Bay Photo. I really like these, though the backing is not as substantial as the ones I got from Artmill. Those were a wood backing, and these are some sort of lightweight material. The prints themselves look great, though, and I am happy.

Mook is all excited about something, and keeps walking back and forth across the desk, growling at the front window. Chocko is sulking somewhere. Cats.
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