January 27th, 2019


January 27--Six finger, six finger, man alive! How did I ever get along with five?

My friend gracegiver, her husband Ky, and I went up to see our LJ friend flying_blind yesterday up in Chico. I have known him on LJ for probably 15 years, but we had never met before. He is both nothing at all like I expected him to be, and exactly like I expected him to be, as has been the case with everyone from LJ I have met in person.

flying_blind lost his house in the fire up in Paradise, and we brought him some books and stuff. It was a great visit, and good to finally meet him after all these years. I brought him a Hello Kitty too, as everyone should have a Hello Kitty, no? Yes.

It was a quiet day here in Zyzylyland. We got up and listened to Celtic music before getting ready and going out for a walk along the creek trail. It was a beautiful day. The sky was blue, and the temperatures were warming up into the mid to upper 60s. There were lots of people out on the trail, as well as the usual compliment of turtles, egrets, red-winged blackbirds, dogs, cats, squirrels, etc.


A double-crested cormorant hanging out in a tree.


A whole bunch of cormorants hanging out. I think a group of cormorants is called a "motorcycle gang".

After our walk, we headed over to the Korea BBQ place, as Malida had a hankering, and I was willing. Our server, Kassandra, remembered us from multiple previous visits, and even remembered what we liked to drink (ice tea for me, raspberry ice tea for her), as well as our general preferences. She is one of our favorite servers, as she knows pretty much what we want and when we want it. We must be favorite customers, because she never charges us for our drinks.

I always want to ask the servers if they are going to college, and what are they studying, but I never do, because what if they aren't? Kind of like asking someone if they are expecting a baby.

"No, it's just my big fat tummy!" one of my coworkers used to answer with a big smile, while contentedly patting her tummy.

We came home after lunch and settled down for a very nice nap. I would probably still be sleeping if Malida hadn't started yelling at one of the cats. In any case, I am all caught up on my sleep and will start the week with a 5.7% sleep credit. Not sure what kind of interest it earns.

I made a casserole for the faculty pot luck tomorrow. We never have faculty pot lucks, but I made an offhand comment to my boss the other day, and she immediately sent out an email saying we would be having a pot luck for our faculty meeting. It's a macaroni and cheese casserole, which is my specialty.

Now is some relaxation time. I thought I would have to get up early and go in to finish paginating our report, but my boss just sent an email letting me know she did it, and has sent it off for printing. The perfectionist in me wants to keep editing it until the end of time, but the rest of me is happy to see it out of my hands.

mook and malida

Early evening in Zyzylyland, and all is well.