February 11th, 2019


February 11--Cielito Lindo Piso Mojado

It was a pleasant and relaxing weekend here in zyzylyland. I had a board meeting for the nursing alumni association on Saturday, and, other than getting some noodles and grocery shopping, just kind of hung out on Sunday. It was nice.

piso mojado

This week started out pretty low key. I went in early to work this morning, made my list, and got almost all of it done by about 10. We had a team meeting, and I was on my way home by noon. Head down, do what needs to be done. It actually worked this time.

I stopped at Malida's work on the way home to take some pictures of her car for insurance. Someone rear-ended her the other day, and she will get a new bumper out of the deal.

We have great insurance that takes care of nearly everything. They sent me an app to take the car pictures, and the same app submits the claim, and gives approval. They had the body shop call me to make an appointment, and they are ensuring that Malida has a rental car, which will be there when we drop off the car. Our insurance is AAA. I've made a handful of claims over the years, and they have always gone out of their way to ensure that it is as low stress as possible.


We talked to the family back in Thailand. Uncle Father of the Girls is putting in the pump for the well that just got dug. I asked what Uncle's name is, and it is something like Sod, so henceforth I will call him Uncle Sod (Father of the Girls). He will start building for real in a few weeks, and we need to send some more money over.

And, of course, it is time to pay taxes. Our appointment with the tax guy is this Saturday. I am curious what my tax bill will be this year. Last year the tax guy thought we would do better this time with the new tax laws, but I am doubtful.

From the way some people talk about their refunds, I suspect there are those who think that refunds are some sort of bonus that the government gives you, rather than your own money that has been sitting in the treasury since it was collected. I almost always have to pay, because I have less taken out. I never get that special government bonus.

malida bw

Malida taking my blood pressure the other morning. It was fine. I like how she looks in this pic.
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