February 18th, 2019


February 18--Is it like today?

We had pretty much decided to stick close to home yesterday, but after I wrote my entry, I decided that maybe getting out would do me some good. So I talked about it with Malida, and we took off up the hill to the Auburn State Recreation Area. It was a bit rainy, but we figured that the ride itself would do us some good, so off we went.

We were hungry, so stopped in the town of Auburn for some breakfast at a place called The Edelweiss, which used to be a German restaurant, but is now owned by some people from somewhere nowhere near Germany. They specialize in big breakfasts with fresh ingredients. The place was packed, and we ended up sitting at a community table with some people who were on their way up to see the snow. We had a nice chat, and the breakfast was worth the wait.

After breakfast we headed up the road a few miles to the trailhead that leads to the Black Hole of Calcutta Falls, our destination. It had snowed a bit in the early morning, but the gentle rain took care of that. There was some sort of run/walk thing just finishing, and we saw many muddy people coming down the trail.

malida at the falls

Malida looks at the falls.

We made it to the falls in about an hour. The trail is actually an old railroad bed for a quarry railroad, which runs along the American River. It is pretty. I have tried to come up here before, but it was always too crowded. A cold rainy day in February seems to be the right time.


A bridge abutment from the old railroad. If you keep going on the trail past the waterfall, it will take you to the quarry. I might do that this summer as part of The Great Aimlessness.


The falls.

It was beautiful, and worth the walk through the rain and the mud.

I'm still feeling down, but felt better for having gone up there and walked around. I went out again today and drove along the river, and that was good. I decided that I am experiencing some depression, which is nothing new, and tends to come and go. I think I am more aware of it this time around though. I have a suspicion about why that is, but want to think about it a bit more before I explore it here.

I came home and wrote up a proposal for the sabbatical I am applying for. I sent it off to my boss and got her approval, and will see the Dean in the morning for his approval before I submit it. It was kind of a struggle to write, because I was thinking about not wanting to do anything art all. I know, though, that once this feeling passes, a sabbatical to write curriculum will sound like something fun and exciting.

And so it goes.
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