February 27th, 2019


February 27--This method acting, I call it living

It has been raining quite a bit here, to the point that some of the rivers are starting to flood. We are in no risk, but I guess they have set up sandbag stations in many of the little towns near the rivers. There's also a lot of snow falling in the Sierras, which should be good for our reservoirs come spring.

I like the sound of the rain, and it put me to sleep last night. I was fortunate that when I was out at the hospital today, it wasn't raining, but it was when I went back to the campus at mid-day, and there were no parking spaces, so I just came on home.

I stopped at the store on the way home and bought a boneless pork butt and made some carnitas in my instant pot. It turned out great. I should probably write down what I tossed in there so I can do it again next time. I like the instant pot for this kind of stuff. I was going to say more, but I don't want to start sounding like one of those crazy instant pot people who have 6 of them and cook everything in them.


I found this beat-up old cat thing at some antique place out in the middle of nowhere a few weeks ago. I stopped and asked how much, and it wasn't much, so I bought it. I put it out in the back yard near the fountain and Trippy the squirrel. I decided to let Malida discover it on her own.

She didn't, so I started looking out the window and saying, "Oh look, there's a white cat sitting out there." She would glance out the window and say something about how there are always cats sitting around in our yard, which is true, but not notice that this is a fake cat with wings. I finally had to drag her out there to show her. She likes it. The flamingo is looking up at the clouds.


I saw this cat sitting in a tree the other day along the creek trail. I was reminded of a picture someone posted of some geese sitting in a tree, which I saw just before I saw this cat. I guess it's not odd for a cat to sit in a tree, but it seemed odd at the time. I've seen this cat before, and he is usually in the tall grass, hunting for whatever.

My doctor's office called last week and reminded me that I am due for a check-up and labs, so I will go in for my labs tomorrow. I thought about eating a salad for dinner, but then I ate the carnitas instead. I was actually supposed to get some lab tests done back in November, but I kind of blew it off. Typical nurse.
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