March 10th, 2019


March 10--Cat hair in my coffee

Mook is being friendly this morning, walking back and forth across my desk and rubbing up against me and everything associated with me. She just came up and rubbed her nose against mine. I think she likes me.

We had been thinking about driving down to the Bay Area this morning to do some walking around, but the time change caused us to sleep in until about 8, and we decided to stay closer to home. We'll do normal Sunday stuff instead, and maybe go hiking next weekend. I have a busy week ahead, so it's ok with me.

After next week, my next landscape photography class will start up, and my Saturday mornings will be taken for a while. This semester we are heading over to the other side of the Sierras again, but further farther south, down near Lone Pine, where there are some rock formations, and within distance of Death Valley.

Yosemite falls

Yosemite falls from when we were there over the winter break. I'm thinking about entering some photographs in the State Fair competition this year, and looking through to see what I have. I think you can enter more than one photo, so I will probably put a few in.

I was looking at the entry instructions and it pretty much starts out with, "Read all the instructions first," which is how I generally preface the instructions for things I give to my students. They don't, generally. Neither do I. I just jump right in and start filling stuff out.


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