March 16th, 2019


March 16--No lunch for Danny

It has been an exhausting week. After two years of preparation, we finally had our accreditation visit this week. It went pretty well, though we won't find out if we passed until about the first week of August. I feel mostly good about it, but have learned not to count chickens, etc.


My boss waiting at the airport to pick up the review team on Tuesday.

There were three "peer reviewers", and they flew in from all over--Oklahoma, Phoenix, and Brooklyn NY. They are all nursing instructors from various programs, and reminded us of us.

They spent three days looking for evidence that the information we put in our self study was accurate--that we are actually doing what we say we are doing. We put together an evidence room with all the pertinent documents, etc., for them to review, and took them around to places on campus to meet all the appropriate folks.

evidence room

Someone very helpfully put a bedside commode in front of one of our evidence tables. In case we started to shit bricks or something.

At one point during the visit, one of the reviewers (the one from Brooklyn) was in my office looking through student files. She tells me that our student handbooks says that the students should have some required document, and asks me where she can find it in the file. I look through the files she has out, and can only find it in about half of them.

She looks up at me over the file she is perusing, and says, in a nursing school professor voice, "Your handbook says they are supposed to be here--why are they not here?"

I know that voice, as it is the same voice I use when I ask a student why they don't have some piece of vital information I expect of them. I feel my colleague, sitting across from us at her desk, willing herself to become invisible. I wish to join her.

Instead, I take the file from the reviewer, and assure her that I will find the documents. I ask her what would happen if I can't find them. She holds me in her gaze for a moment and says, "That would be bad."

I found the documents.

And that was kind of how it went for three days. We had a final meeting with them yesterday morning, where they told us their findings. After the meeting we took them to the airport and sent them on their way, and breathed a sigh of relief. It was over.

I had to go to the hospital after that to set up some preceptorships, and then came home and collapsed. In the midst of my nap, one of my students called, crying, because she thinks her preceptor doesn't like her. I gave her a little pep talk, and she felt better.


Beignets and coffee from our visit to New Orleans two years ago to attend a seminar to learn how to prepare for the accreditation process. At the time, I didn't imagine all the blood, sweat, and tears that would go into this. I was just thinking, "Free trip to New Orleans!"

I am glad it's over. Now I can move on to the next big thing, whatever that is.