March 21st, 2019


March 21--"I appreciate your leadership on that..."

I'm sitting at the hospital, waiting for one of my students to call and tell me they need me for something. It's their last week before being turned loose for their preceptorships, so they really don't need me for much of anything. I have spent most of the morning setting up the preceptor stuff and orienting the summer teacher to the hospital.

healing garden in the spring

It is a beautiful, but chilly morning out there. I think we might drive up to the foothills on Sunday to see if we can find some wildflowers. I wish I had time to go down to southern California--the wildflowers look spectacular. It was one of those super blooms back in March of 2003 that prompted me to buy my first digital camera, so I could take some pictures on the way home from visiting my mom.


Malida got a text from her niece this morning with a picture of the beginnings of our house in Thailand. This is looking toward where the front door will be. amazingly, it already looks a lot like what I sketched out last August, and I can easily identify where the rooms will go. . I guess I'm a nurse-architect now.

mohr in march

Speaking of new construction, they are starting to pour some of the foundational elements for our new nursing building. Now that the weather is getting nicer, I expect to see a lot more activity and progress. I might actually still be around when we move in. Now that my mood has improved, I am back to thinking I will work another 3-4 years before I retire. Maybe. I'll see how life goes.

I'm looking forward to our last day of clinical tomorrow. As I almost always do, I will let them out a bit early and take them to lunch somewhere. They are still deciding on where they want to go. Apparently the decision is complicated by the presence of both a picky eater who doesn't like Mexican food, and a vegan. Whatever they decide is fine with me. If I had a vote, though, I'd vote for tacos.