March 24th, 2019


March 24--How to get rid of a jar of bees

It is a lovely Sunday morning. It rained a bit yesterday, but this morning the sun is out and shining in on my little office. It is starting to feel like spring, for real.

My students finished their clinical rotations on Friday, and I took them out to lunch after, as is my custom. We went to a place within walking distance of the campus, called Meet and Eat. I had never been there before, and it was pretty good. Our union has a meet and greet there every semester, and maybe I'll go next time.

The students very kindly gave me a little basket with a bunch of goodies in it, including some tiramisu cookies and a mason jar full of Russian candies. The Russian candies seem to be mostly variations on concentrated sugar, but they are good.


They also gave me a new coffee mug, explaining that they didn't think my Hello Kitty mug was big enough to sustain me through four hours of lecture. I like it, and will use it. It is the perfect size for a four-hour lecture.

The students now begin their preceptorships, which is the last big hoop to jump through before they graduate. Normally I would be at the hospital this weekend setting things up, but I was able to get it all done last week. Go me! With the accreditation stuff being done, I now have all sorts of time to get caught up on things before the next big thing comes along.

I went to the first session of the landscape photography class yesterday. I'm really looking forward to it. We will be heading over to the east side of the Sierras again, but further south to a place called the Alabama Hills. I was last down there years ago at the very beginning of my big trip across Canada and the US. It is a six-hour drive, because most of the passes over the Sierras will still be closed.

We will also spend some time in Death Valley. That's the part I am really looking forward to. I spent some time researching locations last night, and decided that I will probably stay down there a few extra days, as the end of the class trip is the start of spring break.


Mook is hanging out with me this morning. She has since moved from the desk to a comfortable spot in my reading chair, warmed by the morning sun. I looked over at her a second ago and she started purring. She's pretty content. Chocko is in the other room, in her usual spot, curled up next to Malida. I wouldn't mind being a cat.
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