April 7th, 2019


April 7--Your booking is confirmed, in a creamy garlic butter sauce

It was a busy week, though not overwhelming. I made to-do lists, completed them, and made new ones. I went to the hospital a bunch of times to check in on my precepting students. Most are doing well, but one has issues. That's on my to-do list for next week. I thought I might get out early one day, but it didn't happen. That's ok, because this coming week is a short week for me.

I will be leaving Wednesday after our test for my photo class. The weather is looking interesting--could be sunny, could be some snow. I'm hoping for both. I have camera stuff scattered all over the room, sorting out what I am going to take with me. I guess I should think about other stuff too, like clothes and food.

One thing I learned from previous trips is to bring my own food, particularly when we are based in a small town. it's no fun coming back hungry from shooting the sunset, to find that all the restaurants have closed for the evening.

house with Nung

I asked Malida to have her niece go over to our house construction and take a picture. She sent back about 20 variations of this pose, sometimes looking at the camera, sometimes looking away. No shots of just the house.

I'm kind of fascinated by how they make the foundation. They will start on the roof this week.

I bought our tickets to Thailand the other day. We will go for three weeks at the end of July, and return about 5 days before school starts back. Other than spending a few days in Bangkok, and a few days in Laos, we will spend most of the time dealing with house stuff, such as where the toilet will go, and what the floors will look like.

I think we will stay at her cousin's house in the village. She's one of my favorite people there, so I am looking forward to that, and to being able to spend some time there. The village is one of my favorite places, and it will give me some time to explore the area a bit. The road that goes to the village continues to the east, and I want to see where it goes. I suspect it ends up at the Mekong, and the eastern Thai border. I'll report back, with pictures.

feather river malida

Last Sunday we took a drive up along the Feather River and had lunch in the town of Quincy. It was a beautiful day, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We ended up driving for about 300 miles, which seems like a lot of driving for lunch.

bear creek

One of the creeks that dump into the river. They were everywhere. If you see me on Facebook, you saw the black and white version of this. This one seems a bit softer and friendlier. Whatever that means.
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