May 19th, 2019


May 19--It's a story about vengeance

It has been a rainy weekend, which is just about perfect. No real need to go anywhere, other than to run out to the store for some yeast for see below. The cats were happy too.

After reading spikesgirl58's entry this morning, I was inspired to make some focaccia bread. I had almost everything I needed, except I was out of yeast. Once I fixed that, I was good to go. I am pretty sure I have made focaccia bread before, but it was long enough ago that I don't remember.

focaccia bread

I mostly followed the recipe, but added a few things. It tasted pretty good. I made some notes for next time. Hopefully next time is soon.

Malida live-texted my efforts to one of her nieces in Thailand, who wants to learn to bake. It's gonna be challenging, as they don't have an oven. I'm wondering how it would work in a dutch oven over the charcoal grill.

I managed to get in a nice nap this afternoon. After that I worked on some photographs for a while. I have to be up early tomorrow to get the final exam all turned on. The end is in sight.

zabriskie Point

Zabriskie Point just before sunset, Death Valley National Park.
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