May 27th, 2019


May 27--Puppyanne climbs Killamanjaro

One of the other things that occurred last week was that I had my appointment with the cardiologist to discuss this arrhythmia business. I know this cardiologist from back in my ICU days. He was sometimes irritable back then, but he seems pretty mellowed out now. I was kind of nervous going in, but he spent the first 10 minutes or so just talking about whatever, and putting me at my ease. I appreciated that.

After pleasantries, we spent some time talking about what was going on. We reviewed my test results, and he showed me what to look for in a cardiac echo. Mine looked fine.

He referred me to an electrophysiologist to see if treatment is necessary, which would be some sort of ablation. I also have to have a stress treadmill test, which will be next week. So that's the heart news. Meanwhile, my pulse is slow and regular.


It's been kind of cloudy and rainy the past few days, which is fine with me. We went out for a walk yesterday and it was nice and cool. One of my summer goals is to walk every day.

I bought some new walking shoes the other day--Merrels, which are about the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I didn't wear them for our walk, though, as I don't want to muddy them up. Yet. They will be the shoes I take to Thailand. I also ordered some linen pants for Thailand. It is way too hot and humid to wear jeans. Mostly I wear shorts when I'm there, except for if we are going to a temple or something. There is a wedding toward the end of our stay, so I thought I ought to have something less beatnik to wear.


Look hanging out in my reading chair. She likes to sit there and watch me make LJ entries.