June 8th, 2019


June 8--Rubber Chicken Ensemble

It was a not-too-busy week here in Zyzylyland.

The weather has been nice, and nothing to complain about. The vegetable garden loves the warm weather, and everything is taking off. I did have to do some extra watering on the day it reached 100, mostly for Malida's plants, which don't seem to be doing as well as mine. She accuses me of sabotage.

trumpet vine

Our trumpet vines also love the warm weather. We have a wooden arbor over the walkway outside our window. The vines are are growing all over that, and providing some nice shade for the western-facing window. The flowers make the hummingbirds and bees happy, and they make us happy, so it is a win-win.

I had a stress echo test on Thursday morning. It was pretty straightforward, and no arrhythmias or ischemia. The nurse who ran the test went to my nursing program, but before I was there. She told me about how she didn't get along with one of my colleagues. I laughed, and said I totally understood. My next step in this odyssey is to see an electrophysiologist the week after next. Electrophysiology is a subspecialty of cardiology that looks at the electrical system of the heart. Whee!

I spent a good chunk of the week working, though not too hard. Most days I was done by noon. I have three concurrent projects I am working on, and making good progress with all of them. Once they are completed, I will have the rest of the summer off. I know I keep saying that, but I'm excited about it.

rainbow bridge

Another rainbow picture from the delta that I took the same day as the one from last week. I went back down that way after work one day to scope out a potential sunset spot, and will go back down maybe next week when the clouds look good.

We are going down to Berkeley tonight to see Jason Isbell and Father John Misty. I'm looking forward to both. We were going to stay down there overnight, but decided that we will drive back after the show and save our money.

After I wrote that we decided we would stay down there after all and explore around on Sunday.

The situation is fluid.
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