June 23rd, 2019


June 23--The Existential Angst of Hello Kitty

Well, let's see.

Last Sunday was Father's day, and we went up to my step-sister's in Auburn to celebrate and spend time with my dad. It was an unusually small gathering--only 6 of us, so I had plenty of time to visit with him, which was nice. The weather was perfect, and we spent the entire afternoon outside around the pool.


My step-sister's husband has a drone, and he taught me how to fly it. That was a lot of fun. Now I want one.

Monday morning brought the thing I have been anxious about since the start of summer--the start of the three-day class I put together for a bunch of high school students who are interested in health professions--Sim Camp!

sim camp

The first day was kind of shaky. It was some team building exercises and lectures on how simulators work and lectures. They didn't really care for that stuff, but it was necessary.

sim camp

On the second day, we set them loose. We broke them up into teams, and each team had their own simulator. Their objective was to create a simulation scenario and practice it.


The simulations they came up with were really creative, and much better than I expected. They really got into it. At the end of the third day, their high school teachers came, and the students were able to run their simulations for them. It was way cool.


Once it was all over, I felt a real sense of relief, and relaxed for the first time since the summer started. I went in for a bit on Thursday and cleaned up the simulators and entered grades. Now I'm done with all that. I still have some work on my curriculum project, but that is really low stress. I can enjoy the balance of the summer.

I had an appointment with the electrophysiology cardiologist on Thursday afternoon. It went well, and we decided to kind of wait and see about doing any kind of procedure. The appointment was down across from the hospital where I worked for 25 years, and I went over after and said hi to my ICU friends. It was the first time I had been in the new ICU since it opened. It is modern, but lacks the soul of the old ICU.

the view from here

The view from the cardiologist's office. This is the same view I had when I sat with my first wife during her chemotherapy sessions, three floors below. I always appreciated that view--it was calming.

Another week in the books.