June 30th, 2019


June 30--June 30, June 30

Every year when June 30 rolls around, I am reminded of Richard Brautigan, the author who wrote Trout Fishing in America. The last poetry book he published before he died was called June 30, June 30. One of those authors who had a profound influence on how I look at the world. So the wind won't blow it all away.

I finished up with work on Thursday, with a meeting with my boss and my curriculum buddy Felicia, to create a timeline for this big project we are doing over the next two years. Other than sending out an email with some instructions for the incoming Fall students, I am now done for the summer.

On Friday, I went for a walk along the creek trail. First time I have been out there in a couple of weeks. It was kind of cloudy and humid, which is unusual. All the usual suspects were out though, enjoying the day.


One of the usual suspects.

After I got back, I did some stuff to get ready for our trip. I made reservations at the place where we park our car near the airport, and got some travel medical insurance. One of our student workers is going to take care of the cats, so I think we are pretty much set. Just have to wait a month.

nien and house

Our niece Nien sent this pic of the Thailand house. The outside is pretty much done, and they are putting in the ceilings this week. It is getting near planting time so they will have to stop working on it until after the harvest. When we are there, we will figure out what the floors will look like, and buy all the stuff for the bathrooms and the kitchen. I'll have to send another big chunk of money over for that.

Malida's cousin Yuan, who is is taking care of the gardening aspects, bought five mango trees to plant along the west side of the house. Things are coming along. I am hoping that I can spend most of next summer there. We shall see. I will have to figure out the whole longer visa thing, as the visa I normally get is for about 30 days.

laguna flower

I'm thinking about what to do with the next 4 weeks. I'm pretty tired and burned out from working so much lately. I need to adopt my summer discipline of getting up early and getting out of the house to walk or whatever. Malida has a couple of days off next week, and the Tioga Pass over the Sierras through Yosemite opens at the same time, so we will probably head over and see how things look up high. Other than that, I will take it a day at a time.
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