July 4th, 2019


July 4, 2019--Independence Day

I'm up early enjoying a beautiful morning. There is a nice breeze coming in through the open windows, and I can hear the birds chirping. There is the drone of a small plane is flying overhead. I can smell the roses that are blooming outside the window. All in all, a lovely morning.

Tuesday night was the new moon, and I decided to drive up into the Sierras to see about taking some star pictures. I waited until Malida got back from her doctor's appointment--she has had a sore throat for the past few weeks, with intermittent fevers, and it hasn't gone away. The doctor ordered an ultrasound.

I headed up Highway 88 with the idea of checking out Caples Lake as a place to shoot, and maybe go up to the Monitor Pass. I left in time to get up there before dark so I could scope things out. I got up there about an hour before sunset. I was disappointed to see that it was somewhat cloudy, which is not good for star photography, but decided to wait and see.

I drove down to Woods lake to check it out. There was still a bit of snow on the road, but it was easily passable. The creek was full, and I took a couple of pictures while I waited for the sun to go down.

I looked up and saw that the sky was turning red, and thought I should get out of there and see what the sunset looked like. I got back on the highway and saw that there were a lot of red clouds just over the Carson Pass to the east so I drove over that way.

This is what I saw as I came over the pass and looked down toward the Carson Valley:

red lake

It was spectacular. The lake is called Red Lake, and now I know why. This only lasted for about 5 minutes--just enough time to get a couple of shots, before everything faded out. I headed down into the valley to see if it was cloudy further on, and it was, so I headed back toward home.

On the way back, I noticed that that it was clearing in the southeast, so I stopped at Silver Lake. I could see the Milky Way rising over the horizon across the lake, and Jupiter bright in the sky. I stuck around and got out my camera stuff.

Milky Way

I wasn't disappointed. I stayed up there until my fingers started getting cold, about 11 pm. I got back home at about 1:30 am, not nearly as tired as I thought I would be. Photography sometimes invigorates me.

Malida called me from work yesterday afternoon to tell me that the doctor called about her ultrasound results. There is a large nodule on her thyroid gland that is suspicious for malignancy. They are scheduling a biopsy for next week. We will have to wait and see, but I have the feeling that our lives are about to change.