July 13th, 2019


July 13--Contains Lead

It's supposed to get up into the 90s today, which is normal for this time of year, but at the moment it is in the low 60s as the sun comes up. I have the windows open in my office. I can hear a dove cooing somewhere, and a train going by in the distance.

Malida had her biopsy on Thursday, and it went well. It was just needles, so she didn't have too much discomfort after. The doctor performing the biopsy told her there was a good chance that this was some sort of inflammatory thing rather than malignancy, which would be good. We will find out the results early next week.

The office was interesting--not at all like a typical medical office. There was a reception room with furniture that would be at home in a country kitchen. Classical music was playing. It was low-key and efficient. I didn't take a picture.

Other than that, we have pretty much been overcome with inertia for the past couple of days. Malida has been watching a lot of tv, and I have been sitting in here doing not much of anything, though I did mess around with some of my pictures.

contains lead

This is one from last year that I couldn't seem to get how I wanted it back then. It was taken in west Marin, near where we were last week, and I thought about it when we were out that way. The golden age of gas pumps.

I took another look at some of my Milky Way photos and played around with one of the ones I took before it got fully dark. I ran it through some filters until I got it the way I wanted it to look. It's somewhat surreal, which is what I was going for.

milky way silver lake

Malida really liked it, and asked me to send it out to be printed up so she could take it to Thailand and put it in our house. I'm curious to see what it looks like printed up.

I need to renew my critical care certification this month. I have a choice between submitting 100 hours of continuing education, or re-taking the certification exam. I've taken the exam twice over the years, and prefer to collect the CE hours. I'm not sure how many I have at the moment, but I am pretty sure I have close to enough. I took a bunch of courses last summer to satisfy the board of nursing requirement for being the medical-surgical content expert for the nursing program. I'll work on that this coming week.

alternate sunset

Another sunset shot at Mono Lake from earlier this week.