July 19th, 2019


July 19--Getting ready

My subject line auto-filled with the words "getting ready" when I typed in the date, so I am guessing we were getting ready to either go to or come back from Thailand on a previous July 19. I looked--it had nothing to do with travel. I was talking about getting ready for the fall semester in 2017. Which I also did yesterday.

I think I am done with work until I come back. I updated and posted all my lecture material, sent out all the stuff to the students to work on, and had my last meeting about the curriculum. It's going to be a busy fall semester, but I am ready to go.

We are also getting ready to go to Thailand. Last year at this time we were already there, and at the tail end of our trip to Laos. I loved our Laos excursion. I'm hoping we can go back over for a few days this time. I checked my foreign currency stash, and I have close to a million Lao Kip! That's only about $100, but more than enough for a nice cup of Lao coffee for everyone. See you there!

malida packing

Malida is pretty much back to her old self, and is busy packing. She bought about 14 pounds of chocolate to take back with her as gifts--people love American chocolate. She will go back to work on Saturday for a few days before we leave.

I haven't started packing yet. I am waiting for some new packing cubes to arrive on Saturday. I love packing cubes--it makes everything so organized. I'm not very well organized in my daily life, but when I am traveling, I like to know where everything is.

slinkard valley

A random landscape. Slinkard Valley from the Monitor Pass in Mono County. There was a fire here a few years ago.

We leave a week from today! Whee!