July 21st, 2019


July 21--Corn Dogs!

As planned, we went to the state fair the other day. It was a perfect day for the fair--not too hot, not too crowded. It was seniors day, so I got in for only $10! I love this whole senior discount thing.

We saw the usual things--cows and goats, guys hawking fancy knives ("it slices, it dices!"), the agricultural exhibits, etc. Malida got a bit worn out toward the mid afternoon, so we skipped the photography and art exhibits. I'm planning to enter something next year, so we won't skip it then. We had some yummy fair food.


A flowering artichoke at the farm exhibit. Back in 1985, when I was struggling to put my life back together, a friend took me to the fair. I started crying in the farm exhibit, because everything was so beautiful, and my life seemed so shitty at the time. It was, actually, but I remember looking at the flowers there and thinking that maybe it didn't have to be. That was true too.

Shawn Wrangler

Shawn Wrangler performing at the fair. His name is actually Brandon, and he is one of my former students, who just graduated in May. While we were watching him perform, two other of my former students came by and sat with us for a while. They have all passed the NCLEX licensing exam, and are on their way. I love running into former students.

Malida at the fair

Malida at the fair. She is doing good, and went back to work yesterday. She has two more work days, and then we are off to Thailand.

I received the packing cubes I ordered and started packing yesterday. I love packing cubes--it makes everything so organized. I will leave most of my Thailand clothes there when we come home. I'll fill my suitcase with Lao coffee, Swiss muesli, and Be Nice body wash.

I have a meeting this evening with the people I am doing wedding photography for when I get back from Thailand. I don't really like doing wedding photography, but it is good money, and will go toward the camera I am saving up for--the one I should have gotten in the first place, but bought the Olympus instead. I like the Olympus, but it just isn't as good as Canon.

corn dog

And finally, a corn dog, because if you don't have a corn dog at the fair, it's as if you never even went.
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