July 26th, 2019


July 26--Cubism in the Postmodern era.

Today's the day! Sort of. We are leaving for Thailand this evening, though our plane doesn't actually take off until 1 am tomorrow. So sort of the day. We are all packed, and repacked, and pretty much ready to go.

I woke up at about 3 am, in what will be the first of about 4 weeks worth of disrupted sleep patterns. I'll probably take a long nap this afternoon so I can stay awake for the flight. Hopefully I will be able to sleep on the plane, but that's always hit and miss.

packing cubes

My neatly packed bag. I have added a couple more cubes to it, but it remains one of the finest examples of packing I have ever seen. I brought a lot of clothes this time, with the intention of leaving most of them there. Mostly the stuff I only wear in Thailand.

Malida and I went out for lunch on Sunday, and were surprised to see two of my nieces sitting in the restaurant, getting ready to order. We joined them, and had a nice visit. I see Harley fairly regularly, but Hanna lives in Arizona, going to eye doctor school, and I hardly ever get to see her.


This was before I cut my hair way short and shaved off the beard the other day. It's too hot and humid in Thailand for lots of hair.

My former mother-in-law called on Wednesday and asked if I could come over and take her blood pressure and look at her medications. It has been a while since I visited them. She has been somewhat of a hypochondriac for years, but now she is fairly frail and does have some real health issues. Her blood pressure was fine. It was good to spend some time with them.


That is Bernadette, one of Arlina's sisters, in the back. When she heard I was visiting, she came over to bring me something to eat. So I ate. It was pretty good.

About an hour after I got home, though, I started throwing up, violently, and kept it up for about the next two hours. I felt kind of sick for the rest of the day, but by the next day I was pretty much better. I am fine now.


This was our land the last time we were there, a year ago. Now there is a house there that I am excited to see. And people too. I made a bunch of prints yesterday of the folks I encountered last time around, and will give to them when I see them. For me, that's half the fun of taking pictures over there--bringing them back and sharing them.

Ok, that's it until we are in Taiwan and I post something about Hello Kitty.