August 2nd, 2019


July 31--The Buffalo is in the Montana

Internets has been kind of spotty until we finally got a sim card for the phone, and now we have a wifi hotspot, and can internets to our hearts content.

We left Amphawa and set out on the road to Ubon. It was a long drive--more than 8 hours altogether, but we stopped overnight along the way. I did most of the driving, and am now quite comfortable behind the wheel here. The drive was not all that interesting, other than stumbling across a Tuscan village, complete with leaning tower of Pisa, out in the middle of nowhere.


We saw this guy in the mud flats along the river. He was at least 5 feet long.


The leaning tower of Khao Yai.

We rolled into Ubon Ratchathani at about 4 pm. Malida's mom and brother were happy to see us. We got all settled in. The next morning we drove out to the village to see the house. Malida wasn't feeling well, so we didn't visit with anyone there--just looked around for a while and came home.


The house mostly looks like we expected, with a few exceptions. The hallway is really wide--probably about twice as wide as it needs to be, and the bedrooms are a bit smaller than we thought. The bathrooms are huge--about as big as the bedrooms. Since I planned this thing, and her uncle followed my directions, I own it. It will be fine--we can put some cabinets in the hall and use it for storage. Everything else looks pretty good.

living room

This is the living room, with the front door on the left, and the first bedroom and hallway on the right. I like the size of the living room. It's roomy, and has big windows that look out on the fields.

home mart

Today we went to the Thai version of Home Depot to pick out floor tile, paint, toilets, etc. It was an interesting experience. Unlike the stores in the US, there are about a million clerks waiting to help you here. We had 5 people following us around--one to explain, another to help explain, someone to take notes, someone to watch the note-taker, and another random person who just stood there. We decided on most of what we needed to, but got tired, and deferred the lights and the kitchen stuff for later.

Tomorrow we will go back to the village and see everyone. I will practice my Thai language skills.