August 6th, 2019


August 6--11 days left!

We are at the halfway point in our trip. We have gotten a lot of what we needed to get done done, but still have some stuff to do. We have managed to do some sightseeing too, and are having a good time. I sound like a postcard!

It is warm and humid this morning. As it is the rainy season, it's kind of expected. It has been overcast the entire time we have been here, but not a lot of actual rain, except at night. There hasn't been a lot of rain this season, and that worries the farmers.

first meal

We had our first meal at the new house over the weekend. It was a lot of fun, and good to see the family there. We had it in the living room, and there was plenty of room for everyone. We spent some time with Malida's uncle going over what we have to do next, and will do that stuff this week.

wide hallway

I took another look at the wide hallway. Someone suggested bookshelves, and I think that is a good idea. We will put them on the wall to the left here. The wall to the right will be a photo gallery of my pictures. We also decided to put some pictures of the places we like to visit around here in the bedrooms, so that people who visit can have an idea of what to see. I re-measured the small bedrooms, and it turns out they are bigger than the room we have here in Malida's mom's house, so they should be fine.

After our little party, we headed back to the city to drop off Malida's mom. Nim came along so she could see her big sister, who is now living here in MaMa's house while she goes to the university. After dropping them off, we headed up to Khemmarat to meet some friends and visit the night market.

night market

Khemmarat sits along the Mekong. It has a night market and festival every Saturday evening. Our friends Jun and Jan (dancing in the picture) are from here, so know where everything is. After the market, we went to a local hotel and sat out by the river, drinking beer and listening to an excellent Thai folk singer play guitar. We stayed overnight, and had a nice breakfast in the morning.

We drove home along the river, and stopped at a bunch of places along the way.

sam pan bok

The area is called Sam Pan Bok, and is really interesting. I had been to the area north of here once when the river was lower. Our guide was the boatman's 9 year-old daughter, Manao, who was delightful.


Manao sits in the boat.

We got home around 5 and went for some delicious pizza, at one of my favorite places here.

Today we head to the Home Mart again to design our kitchen.