August 23rd, 2019


August 23--School Daze

My jet lag is pretty much under control, as long as I am ok with waking up at 4 am. Which I am. I am almost back to my school year waking time of 5, and actually can do a lot with that extra hour. The downside is that I am falling asleep at 8 pm, just like grandma.

I started back to work on Tuesday, and it has been full time the rest of the week. Normally I can ease into the week before classes start, but not this time. It has kind of forced me back on a regular schedule.

Yesterday I spent about 6 hours presenting our proposed major curriculum change to the rest of the nursing faculty with my faculty buddy. We were surprised and amazed when everyone jumped on board with it, and we actually got a lot of the preparatory work done that we needed to do. It will be a busy next couple of semesters.

Enough of that stuff.


These are some cows who live down the road from our house in Thailand. As is the custom, the owner takes them out to whatever grassy areas there are, and lets them chow down. You see a lot of cows along the highway doing this as well, and always hope they decide not to walk out in front of your car.


Our neighbor who lives at the farm to the north of us. That road that the cows are on runs north-south, and ends one farm south of our house. I'm not sure how far it goes north, but on my walk that day, I went about a mile. It's all rice and cassava farms.

This woman, who I have met before, was out digging up some sort of mushroom. she showed me how she found them. They look like rocks in the ground to me, but she can spot them from a distance. She knew Malida's dad, when they were kids together in the village.

I walked up further and met another woman who called me over to her land and showed me her water buffalos. She had six of them in a kind of dark manger. It was too dark to take pictures. Everyone seems to know who I am, and they are pretty friendly. I look forward to exploring more when I am there next time.

late afternoon sun

The late afternoon sun comes in through the western window in the living room. There's glass in that window now, and I am curious about how the light looks coming through it. I drew most of the windows pretty big, so we could look out and see the green. Of course, the green only lasts part of the year, and the rest of the time it is brown and fairly ugly. Fortunately, the green time corresponds with my summer break.

Time to get ready for work. Today is Convocation--the official start of the semester, and a day full of listening to people talk. Whee!