October 10th, 2019


October 10--Love song of Hagibis and Nargis

Things have been pretty good lately. I am not nearly as busy as I have been the past few semesters, and I am able to simply enjoy teaching and following my students in the hospital. I finished up and submitted all my pending curriculum assignments, so that's done. I finished editing the wedding pictures I took last month, and delivered them to the people who were waiting for them, so that's done too.

Mostly now, I am enjoying the fall weather and taking it kind of easy. I go to bed at about 8 every night now, and read for an hour or so before getting a good night's sleep. I wake up early--maybe 4 or 4:30, and walk outside with my coffee and look up at the stars. I see Orion, and Orion's belt points down to Sirius, the dog star. Arf arf.

I am thinking more about retirement and spending more time going out and enjoying life. I'm thinking about taking a photography trip one of these days. Maybe Death Valley over the new year, maybe someplace else during spring break next April.

Today is my dad's 90th birthday. We went down to the Bay Area over the weekend and celebrated with the family. My sister flew up from LA to be with us. My step-siblings introduced us to yet another found half-sibling--an older child of their father. They now have two unexpected half-siblings, and everyone gets along great.


My dad opening some silk pajamas someone gave him. I gave him a picture that I framed. It's a sunset shot I took a few months back up along Carson Pass. He liked it, but it's really just one more thing a 90 year-old doesn't need.

malida and Mook

Malida and Mook earlier this week when Mook and I were trying to take a nap. Malida's happy, the cats are happy. Things are good.