October 25th, 2019


October 25--Apple Cinnamon Muffins for all!

Two days in a row! Zowie!

I was having a wonderful day yesterday, and the shift was just about over, when I got an email informing me that our school was being audited by the healthcare organization where we have students in clinical. This meant that we had two hours to produce all the background check, drug screen, and immunization documents on six students. "We" meaning me, as there was no one on campus and my boss is on vacation.

I had to cancel my post-conference with the students and run back to the campus to try and gather all this stuff and send it in. I got it all in just at the deadline, but got a subsequent email that some of the stuff I sent wasn't adequate. Dang. I was already on my way home, so nothing I could do about it. The person requesting the documents is off today, so I can stop fretting about it until Monday.

I made a comment earlier about armor, and how I had visited a museum and seen a very cool armor exhibit a few years ago. I thought it had been in Italy, but turns out it was in Paris I think it was at the same place Napoleon is buried, where there is a military museum--Les Invalides.

guy's face

I love this armor face.

I'm looking at recipes for muffins. I am pretty much settled on making some apple cinnamon muffins this weekend, for no particular reason other than to take my new muffin pan out for a spin. I will half the recipe so we are not overwhelmed with muffins.

While nosing through my photo archives for the armor face picture, I found a shot I took from atop Notre Dame, of the spire and roof that are now gone.

notre Dame

I wonder if it will be restored in my lifetime.