November 9th, 2019


November 9--What if Batman had been born in Arkansas?

I was planning to finish up work yesterday at about 11 am, but was hit with yet another audit just before I was ready to go. So I ended up working well into the afternoon to get all the stuff they needed to see. Fortunately, our student personnel assistants were there, and they were really helpful. Another hoop we have to jump through to keep the clinical placements for our students.

I woke up thinking about work this morning, which is something I hardly ever do. I am just generally irritated--no particular focus for my irritation. This has actually been a pretty chill semester, and things are going well overall. I'm just irritated. I'll get over it.

pizza moon

From the people who write my subject lines.

Malida's mom, brother, grandpa and niece Nim are all still staying at our house in Thailand. They all seem to like it there, and I suspect we will always have company whenever we're visiting. It's fine with me--we have our own room, with our own little back patio, and I like all of them.

The house in the city is being looked after by Nim's big sister, Nung, who is living there and going to school. Everyone seems happy.

We are thinking about driving up into the Sierras for the weekend, as we both have Monday off. Not sure where we will stay, but probably some place on the east side, so we can drive back through Yosemite on Monday. We missed the fall colors up there, but there is always something to see, no matter what the season.

bodega fog

A foggy morning on Tomales Bay, from our trip a few weeks ago. that dark spot on the right side is the head of an otter looking at us.