November 24th, 2019


November 24--24 Days

It's 24 days until the end of the semester and winter break. We have no plans for winter break, other than some minor surgery for Malida, and a colonoscopy for me. Whee! Normally we will go somewhere for either Christmas or New Years, but I don't think we will go anywhere this time around, unless it is a short, spontaneous trip somewhere. I had kind of hoped to go down to Death Valley, but it doesn't look likely.

We headed up over the Sierras for our three-day weekend a few weeks ago. We did some hiking along the Caples Creek trail, then over the pass to the east side, and stayed in Lee Vining. The next morning we drove over the Tioga Pass and into Yosemite. It was pretty in the valley, and still some beautiful fall color.

fall color

We spent a couple of hours wandering around looking at things and taking pictures, then headed up to Glacier Point to take a look. The last few times we have been here, the Glacier Point road has been closed. It's about to be closed again, when a storm rolls in later this week, and probably won't open again until late next spring.

half dome

Half dome from Glacier Point. One of my favorite views.

I had to meet with the Dean this week about my pay. Looks like I have been shorted some hours for the past couple of semesters. I do lots of extra things, and my pay profile is somewhat complex, as pay for these things comes from a variety of sources. Something got missed, and they owe me for about 60 hours. That will be a nice little present.

My students are finishing their preceptorships, and the end is near. I'm ready to be done for the year.
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