January 3rd, 2020


January 3--With a lonesome train whistle in the background. Again. And Again.

As I started typing in the subject line, it auto-filled from a previous January 3, and I realized that there was a train going by, again, as it does almost every morning at this time. Our house is about a half-mile or less from the tracks, and I love the sound of the train going by.

We had a nice celebration on January 1st. We had friends over and I made ham, black eyed peas, brussels sprouts, corn bread and scalloped potatoes. The only thing I remembered to take a picture of was the corn bread. Everything was delicious.

corn bread

It was the first time I tried making the corn bread in one of my cast iron skillets, and it turned out perfectly. Now I know.

I was looking back and noted that I took hardly any pictures in December. It was a difficult end of the semester, and all I could think about was getting through it and the winter break. Now I'm starting to stress about the next semester. I need to go in for a while today and get some stuff set up. I have six semesters until I retire.

Tomorrow we take off for Yosemite for a few days, and that will be nice. I can take some pictures there.

south Beach

South Beach overlook at Point Reyes, from the other day. When I took this, I was thinking about the texture and colors of the land just above the beach, and wanting to capture that. This particular view always captivates me.

eta--I just realized I posted this pic the other day as well, but didn't really say what I wanted to say about it. So I'll leave it.
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