January 19th, 2020


January 189--21 tips for getting old

I read something this morning about getting old, and it essentially said, "now's the time to spend all your money, and don't worry about not leaving it to your kids." Since I don't have any kids, that makes it easy. It also said don't stress about shit--just enjoy your life. Ok.

I survived my procedure last Monday. It's always interesting to be a patient after have been a caregiver for so many years. My nurse was awesome. She got my IV in right away, and gave me a warm blanket. I only remember the very end of the procedure. Malida drove me home and I ate something, then slept for the rest of the afternoon.


Before the procedure, happy about my warm blanket. I have to have another one in 5 years. My first thought was, "I'll be retired then."

I went back to work on Tuesday. There were no students this week, so it was fairly quiet. I got most of what I needed to do done. We have a new textbook this semester, and I still have to update all my lectures to the new book, but I will do that as we go along.

new Mohr

I took a walk to the other side of the campus to see how our building is coming along. In our division meeting, the dean told us it would be done by April, and we could move in around July. In my experience, these estimates are often optimistic, and usually shot down by an unexpected problem or issues with inspections. We'll see. I'll be happy to get out of the temporary buildings, though I have developed a fondness for that side of the campus.

Tomorrow is a holiday, so Malida and I will take a drive up to see the snow, which we usually do at the beginning of the year. I'm going to make some cranberry orange bread today so we have something to eat with our coffee in the morning.
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