January 3rd, 2021


January 3--Crab Melt Zoom Wedding

It is foggy and overcast this morning, so no stars, and just a hint of the waning moon. It rained for a bit overnight, and more rain is expected in the next few days. We always welcome rain here. We might drive up and see the snow later today.

One of my nieces got married yesterday in Florida. Had it not been for the pandemic, I would have loved to go, and spend a few days in Florida. I've only been there once, and was limited to Ft. Lauderdale, which was ok other than the beach being a bit oily. The high point of that trip was getting to meet the person who gave me an invite to LJ, way back when you had to be invited. Now they let anyone in.

In any case, because of the pandemic, they decided to cut the invite list way back, and Zoom the wedding for those of us who couldn't (or wouldn't) travel. Of course, being Florida, no one who actually attended the wedding wore masks or distanced.

Lauren and Mo

Congratulations Lauren and Mo!

Attend zoom wedding--check.

To celebrate, I made some crab melt sandwiches from the crab meat we had leftover from dinner on New Year's Eve. I didn't have any mayo, so I substituted with tartar sauce, and they turned out fine. I was talking with someone here yesterday about how shopping habits have changed since the pandemic, and not going out just to get something is one of those changes. Find something else in the house that will work. Had it not been for the tartar sauce, I probably would have just slathered the crab in melted butter, which sounds pretty good too.

crab melt

I had plans to travel to Lone Pine, Alabama Hills, and Death Valley this coming week, for my winter break photo trip. Lone Pine is on the eastern side of the Sierras, down highway 395. It was the trip I had planned for spring break last year, just as the pandemic hit. Because our travel restrictions have been extended, I have canceled once again, and optimistically rescheduled for spring break this year, which is at the end of March.

mobius arch sunrise

Mobius Arch in the Alabama Hills at sunrise, with Mt. Whitney in the background.
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