January 16th, 2021


January 16--Yesterday's news today

Yesterday was the actual first day of the semester, filled with meetings. We started with a district meeting, then on to a college meeting, followed by a division meeting, and ending with a department meeting. All on Zoom, all pretty boring. One thing I won't miss.

We finished up at about 4 pm. Too late to take a nap, though I thought about it. I am really going to miss my afternoon nap when I start my 12-hour clinical shifts next week. One good thing is that they are allowing us to park at the hospital again, since they are restricting visitors. For the past couple of years, we had to park on campus and take Lyft over. These two things (naps and parking) may seem unrelated, but I have a plan brewing.

fog branches

An oak tree, sans leaves, in the fog.

We took a walk in the park the other day when it was really foggy. I love these foggy days, and I love bare trees. They remind me of a vascular system.

I have a cat sitting on the desk next to me, purring loudly for no particular reason.

The first thing I did this morning after I woke up was to go outside and look up at the sky. Visibility is pretty good, and I could see quite a few stars. I would like to be up somewhere where there is no light pollution.

foggy park

There are five Ingress portals in this picture. I don't really play Ingress anymore, but I still see portals wherever I go. Even in the fog.