January 19th, 2021


January 19--My feet stand on level ground

I taught my first class of the semester this morning. It's my least favorite of the semester--training for the hospital computer system, which I barely understand. When I retired from bedside care, we were still using paper charts, and I missed the whole transfer over to electronic health records. So in spite of the fact that I have never used one in a clinical setting, I am teaching it.

I got through it, and admonished my students to pay good attention to how the nurses use the EHR, so they can actually learn how it works. They will. Anyway, it's the last time I will have to teach this particular class. 121 days.

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Abstract, courtesy of my screen saver.

Tomorrow we get a new President. I am relieved, but not quite ready to exhale yet. I am so ready to, though. It has been a long four years.