zyzyly (zyzyly) wrote,

chair #4

chair 4

I really didn't have a clear idea of this week's chair until Sunday, when Malida and I were taking a walk in the park late in the day. As we walked past the softball diamonds, I was drawn to the quality of the late afternoon light and the shadows, and wondered what it would look like in the early morning.

This isn't the shot I imagined. I did shoot the shot I imagined, and this was just some fooling around after, but I liked this one better. I wanted to like the other one better, but sometimes it just works out differently.

Someone asked if I was sending these to the therapist, and if so, what did she think. I got an email from her the other day that said she loved them, and was imagining me driving around with a chair in the back of my car looking for a good shot.

After I shot this I came home and was ready to post it, but then saw the first reports from Boston. My chair picture seemed so trivial, so I waited for a day. As I look at it now, and reflect particularly on the little boy who was killed, it takes on a certain unexpected poignance for me.

I had other trivial things to talk about, but they can wait for another day.
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