zyzyly (zyzyly) wrote,

chair #5

chair #5

I was doing a favor for a friend who has left the world of acute care nursing and opened a botox clinic. She wanted to do a photo shoot with a group of her clients, all dressed up--glamour shots, etc., and asked me to shoot it for her.

I should never be anyone's first choice for glamour shots. I consider myself a documentary photographer--showing it how it is. Glamour is about showing it as it isn't.

Here's an observation I made--all these women had plenty of natural beauty, but it wasn't enough for them. I would show them test shots and they would grimace and remark on how horrible they looked. It made me sad. I decided that after this, I would not do any more glamour shots for anyone ever.

I really just wanted to dip a toe into this topic, but now it's above my knees. Time to get out.

It was an outdoor shoot, in an alley, and it involved lots of waiting around on my part. I pulled the chair out and sat in it while I waited.

"Why is there a chair in the back of your car?"

That's why.
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