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Chair #11

chair 11

After a couple of months of not doing much of anything but studying, I took Malida to Mendocino for her birthday. It was a lovely, relaxing weekend, with almost perfect weather. We stayed at our favorite place, Alegria, which was originally recommended to us by judywatt. I finished and submitted my final project for my master's degree last Wednesday, so I had no homework or anything I had to read. I brought a book--the new Margaret Atwood. It was so nice just to sit out on the deck and read something for fun. I still have one class to take, but it's a downhill slide.

I hadn't taken a chair picture in quite a while. I put the chair in the back of the car, just in case. Malida complained about it until we stopped along the road so she could eat her papaya salad. When I suggested she could sit in it and look out over the ocean as she ate, her outlook changed.

puu in the chair

I photographed the chair in the middle of highway 1. Surprisingly, not much traffic that day. I sent it to the person I have been taking these chair pictures for, and asked if she could guess where I took it. She wrote back and pointed out the view and the grass, and said, "near Sea Ranch, maybe?"

Yes! Less than two miles from Sea Ranch. Amazing!

I haven't really done anything with the pictures I took over the weekend. It has become so easy to just take an iPhone pic and post it to Facebook. I have gotten lazy. My plan is to get back into real photography after my school is done in December. The funding for my job runs out at the end of the year, so I might have plenty of time. In any case, I'm taking most of January off to recover from what has been a very stressful six months or so. I think we are going to go to Germany to hang out with Malida's cousin.

sunset at pudding creek
Sunset at Pudding Creek. One of our mandatory stops.
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