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57002--Telephone pole at Point Reyes Lighthouse

south beach

It was cold and stormy last night, but we woke up to a cold but sunny day, and decided to go to Point Reyes for the day. It's another of my favorite places. My grandpa thought it was a spiritual place, and took care to make sure I thought that too. It's about 2 1/2 hours from home, in western Marin County, on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco.

It was in the 40s and a little windy, particularly on the beach, which we had to ourselves. We wandered on the beach for a while and then drove up to the path to the lighthouse. Point Reyes has strange weather sometimes. It can be rainy a few miles east, and absolutely beautiful here. Or it can be a mild day inland, and be absolutely miserable at the lighthouse. I have learned to just accept the weather that presents itself when I get there. Today we were lucky. The wind was down and it was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon.


There are 308 steps leading down to the lighthouse, and 308 leading back up. I like coming here on or near my birthday, and have spent a number of them walking down and up these steps. There were so few people here today that I was able to get some shots with no one on the stairs. It's not usually like that.

After hiking around for a while we headed in to Point Reyes Station, the little town. We had a late lunch at the Station House Cafe, which is a place my grandma used to love. I like it too. The food is good, but they kind of have an attitude now, and the service suffers as a result. Anyway, I'm not a restaurant critic.

In a comment yesterday, asakiyume made mention of some telephone wires in the background of my shot, and how they hinted at a human presence close by. I liked that and thought that it would be something to pay more attention to as I explore the world. Maybe there's something to be discovered in it.

telephone pole at the point reyes lighthouse
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