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Even though it was my day off, I had to go into the hospital for a meeting with one of my students and her preceptor. The students are nearing the end of the semester and scattered about in clinical placements. As they complete their hours, I have to meet with them. This meeting was at 6:30 am. I don't mind getting up early--I get up at about 5:15 almost every day. I don't like going out into the cold on a Sunday morning, though. But it had to be done.

After the meeting I went to the farmer's market. It was early, so some of the vendors weren't set up yet, but the ones I usually buy from were. It's cool that these people remember me. Sometimes they ask how I liked last week's tangerines or something like that. I went across the street to the asian farmer's market and ran into my brother-in-law. I haven't seen him since the beginning of summer. He's a bit of a recluse. He was in bright spirits this morning though, and we talked for about 20 minutes as little old Chinese ladies navigated around us with their little metal shopping baskets.

I bought our fruits, vegetables, asian stuff, and a bottle of tofu milk and headed home. I landed on the couch and watched part of an old movie. Mook decided to join me and we watched together for a while. Eventually I had to get up and go back to the hospital for another meeting. This was an unplanned one--a student made a medication error. Fortunately it was a minor error, and we were able to turn it into a good learning experience.

We had dinner with one of Malida's friends who is visiting from Thailand. She is the person who first introduced us. I was going to write that story tonight, but am out of motivation. Maybe tomorrow.

me and mook

Mook and me lazin' on a Sunday morning.
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