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57006--Yea! Heavy and a Bottle of Bread

The semester winds down and the end-of-semester work piles up. I just stared at it this morning, completely unmotivated. I made a to-do list, and stuck it on my computer screen. I have tomorrow off, but really ought to go in and get some of it done. But I probably won't. I'll probably get up and drive down to the Bogle winery and buy some wine and take pictures, then go do some clothes shopping for our trip. Or something like that.

So, yeah, we are going to Europe right after Christmas. It's kind of a graduation present for me. It's been almost two years since I've been anywhere. Malida's cousin lives in Frankfurt, so we are going to visit them for a couple weeks, then spend a week in Paris in an apartment we rented. Should be very relaxing. We stayed with her cousin in Frankfurt almost 6 years ago when we were first getting to know each other.

This afternoon one of our former students came back to give a talk. In the middle of the second semester, he started losing the vision in his eye, and ended up being diagnosed with a big brain tumor. He had surgery and is doing better. He talked to the class about what it was like to be a patient. He has a great sense of humor, but it was very moving, because the cancer is incurable, and he knows it.

I came home after work and we took a nap. The cat woke us up in time to go out and walk in the park before it got dark. It felt good to be out there breathing the cold air and watching the sun go down. It reminds me that I am alive.

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