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57007--Late fall in the delta

So I ended up not going into work today, which was a good thing. I ended up doing pretty much what I thought I would do, which was go buy some clothes for the trip and drive down to Bogle Winery to get some wine. Bogle is down in the delta, outside of Clarksburg. You drive along the river for a while, and then turn in and drive through the vineyards. Everything is a golden brown this time of year. There was a guy out in the vineyard trimming the vines for next year.

vineyard on a fall day

I went shopping for clothes, which is something I hate to do, and especially at this time of year. I usually try to avoid department stores and malls during the holiday season. It gives me a headache. Anyway, I found what I needed, which was some cold weather stuff--sweaters and flannel shirts. It's gonna be cold in Germany. when I lived there I had a great fur-lined parka. It was long and warm, and had a fur lined hood.I wore it whenever I had to go out to the flightline in the winter. Too bad they made me give it back when I left.

Here is one of my pet peeves--these loyalty programs stores have. First, I don't want you tracking all my purchase, and second, I don't want to carry around a bunch of cards. I hate when I am standing in line and the cashier is trying to talk someone into signing up there on the spot. It irritates me. It also irritates me when they ask if I have a card and I say no, and they ask, "Do you want one?" and I say no, and they say, "Are you sure?"

In my mind I want to answer, "I don't know--do you think I am incapable of making a decision like that? Maybe you should call my mom and ask her." But I never really say that. I just say "no".

our left feet
Our left feet, Frankfurt, 2007

I mentioned that the last time I was in Germany was in 2007. Malida and I had made a plan to meet there and spend some time together. We had spent the past six months since we first met talking on the phone and corresponding via email. The pressure was on. It was nice to have that time. We spent almost a month together, most of that time in Italy. By the end of the trip we decided we wanted to go for it, and decided to get married, which we did, 6 months later.

flowers for Puu
On our first day together, I bought her flowers as we walked around Frankfurt. I love revisiting places that have significance for me.
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