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57012--Sugar cookies

sugar cookies

I took my first does of prednisone this morning and waited to see what would happen. I wandered into my friend's office--the guy who was telling me he had to put an "act normal" sign on his monitor when he was taking it. He told me stories about how his personality changed completely for a while. It was in the middle of it that he asked his wife out for the first time. He says he never would have otherwise.

After I while I felt a burst of energy and completely cleaned off my desk top and dusted everything, then found the labeling machine and made labels that said "labeling machine" and "stapler" and so on. Then I laughed for a while, and my co-worker took me outside for a walk. It was a little like being stoned. I wrote some letters of reference for my students. I turned away briefly from one letter, and when I turned back, the font in the second paragraph was light blue. I looked away again and looked back, and the font was black again, but there were a bunch of spelling errors. I have no idea what that was about.

I came home and decided to make sugar cookies to give to my co-workers, and that's what I have been doing for the past 4 hours. I don't feel quite myself.

I'm glad this is finals week and my vacation starts soon.
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