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57016--Je peux acheter votre chapeau?


Now that the semester is behind me I can focus on packing and stuff like that. I dug into my travel drawer and found an envelope with some Euros in it from the last time I was there. Not a lot, but enough to get through the airport. I like having some local cash on hand when I am in transit.

I pulled out all the chargers for all our electronic stuff and charged everything up. I'm thinking about bringing a point and shoot camera along, but my good one is busted, so I'm looking at my old ones and seeing which one I like best. I always take much more time packing up all my toys than I do clothes and stuff. I pay particular attention to my airplane bag. Music, books, headphones, neck pillow, toothbrush, travel documents, iPad. Everything I need for an 11 hour flight.

I bought a French and German phrasebook and it came in the mail today. I do pretty good with German--I remember quite a bit from when I lived there in the 70s. I'm going to try my best with French--at least be able to find a taxi and stuff. Order some cheese at the cheese shop.

Je voudrais cent grammes fromage, s'il vous plait.
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