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Even though I had planned for this to be the first day of my vacation, I had to go into work to do a bunch of end-of-semester stuff. I got up early and was there by 6:30. I was surprised that our secretary beat me in, and even made coffee, which she never normally does. I listened to my "best of 2013" mix on the way in and the music put me in a good mood.

I finished up all my student evaluations, posted the grades, and filed everything. Our secretary, in addition to not normally making coffee, does not file for us either. Really, she's not a secretary--she's the campus coordinator, and she does plenty of stuff that makes our lives easier, like ensuring we have classrooms. She's awesome. But I wish someone would file for me.

After I finished with the student stuff I had to do a bunch of paperwork for the Board of Registered Nursing. Some of it was just routine stuff that we have to do every semester, but there were a couple of big reports due prior to them making a site visit next year. They aren't coming until April, but the dean wanted them all in place by the end of the year. So I spent 5 hours writing reports. This is another thing my graduate program prepared me well for. I sat down and planned what I had to write, downloaded all the supporting documents, and just did it, pretty much non-stop. I was done by 2 pm, and spent the last half-hour tying up loose ends. Now I am all caught up and off for a month.

Malida had the day off and packed for the trip. Her suitcase is a little light, so I suspect she's not quite done yet. I will pack on the 26th. I think I am going camera simple this time--just one camera and one lens, and none of the other junk I always drag along. Although I might bring my travel tripod for some night shots of Paris, and maybe my remote trigger, and......

We have been watching Breaking Bad on Netflix, and are now at the last episode. It is such an amazing series, and the last few episodes have been absolutely riveting and heartbreaking. Best show ever.

I didn't take any pictures today, but here's another one from when we were in Germany last time. It was pretty much the first picture I took of us there--our left feet.

our left feet
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