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The highlight of my day today was a lunch date with my niece Candyd. She is up from San Diego for Christmas, and we were able to get together this afternoon and catch up. I hadn't seen her for close to two years. She moved to San Diego right out of high school and has been going to school down there. Long time readers of my journal will remember her as one of the three (and sometimes four) nieces who spent so much time with my first wife and I. Candyd and her parents lived with us for a while after they first arrived from the Philippines, when Candyd was 8. She is now 23.

Candyd at 23

It was interesting to see her all grown up, and talk about grown-up things. It kind of disoriented me for a bit, listening to her talk about her life. It was almost as if she had grown beyond my comprehension of her. She has had to deal with some adult issues in the past year or two, although I have no doubt she has the inner strength to deal with whatever comes her way.

She has been putting herself through school. She spent two years in community college, and is now at San Diego State. She works at a bank. She is taking pre-med classes. She's always wanted to be a doctor. When she was a kid she talked about being a pediatrician so she could help kids. Now she has her eye on internal medicine, and talks about preventive medicine taking a holistic approach to health care. She worries about whether she is smart enough to really do it.

We talked about old times. About how how we would always take a walk on Thanksgiving morning before we started cooking the big meal, and how we would always assume fake names when we ate in restaurants. We laughed about how I would predict their futures as we all sat around the breakfast table on a lazy saturday morning, one summer day, long ago.

first day of school
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