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We're down in San Francisco waiting for our early morning flight tomorrow. We are staying the night at a Red Roof Inn, which is a fancy Motel 6. It's a "Park, Sleep, Fly" place, which means we get to keep our car here until we come back, and they will shuttle us to the airport in the morning.

san pelligrino

The hotel is almost across the street from the bay, just a few minutes from the airport. There is a nice bay walk, where you can watch the birds search for food and the planes land. It's also about 10 minutes from my dad's house, so we just got back from having dinner with him. I think it is the first time since I was in my 20s that I have seen him twice in one week.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning--I was excited to get ready to go. Malida stayed up late watching Korean soap operas, and was much less excited. We pretty much had everything packed already, so it was just tying up the loose ends and printing boarding passes. The cats know something's up, and were all excited and running around.


We were in a coffee shop this afternoon and two lexuses (lexi?) drove up--one white, one black. Two guys got out and came in and sat next to us. One guy is a drunk driving lawyer (white lexus), and the other is a fast-talking salesman selling the lawyer guy a "search engine optimization" package for his website so every drunk driver will see his name first. The lawyer was way out of his league. It was interesting to listen to them.

Our flight to New York leaves at 6:30 am, and arrives at 3:10. We then transfer to the flight to Paris, which leaves at 4:30. It doesn't seem like much time to transfer, but they say it can happen, so I will believe them. I already have all the boarding passes, so It's a matter of getting from one gate to another. I've never been to JFK, but I'm guessing it's not that big, huh?

We will get into Paris at 5:30, and then catch our flight to Frankfurt, and will get there at about 9 am, which will be midnight here. So it's a long day, but really nothing compared to how long it takes to fly to Thailand. Anyway, I like flying.

ze plane, ze plane

I kind of doubt I will be able to post every day during the trip, but I'll post something whenever I have some internets. It will be all different time zone-y.
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