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57025--mit pommes frites

First things first:

our left feet
Our left feet

Malida woke me up at 3:30 am, wide awake and wanting to get up. I was sleeping just fine, and suggested she go downstairs and read. "Come with me," she countered. I talked her into sleeping in until 5:30, and then we both got up and had coffee while the rest of the house slept.

After breakfast, we took a 10 minute walk to the metro station and took the train into the center of town. I love cities with good transit systems, where you can walk 10 minutes and get anywhere. We wandered around in the shopping district, looking at whatever there was to look at.


I found this place, which is named after the town I lived in here in the 1970s. It was too early to stop in, but maybe another time.

We met the family for lunch near the European Central Bank, where Adrian, our host, works. We ended up going to a Chinese buffet.


After lunch Malida and I headed off to the Kleinmarkthalle, an indoor fresh market that has everything. Everything! I could have spent hours there, but we were starting to lose steam, so bought what we needed to cook New Years Eve dinner tomorrow. I managed to order everything in German. I am really surprised by how much I can recall.


Frankfurt is pretty much a modern city--most of it was destroyed in the Second World War, so nothing really in the way of old buildings. Lots of steel and glass. I really didn't take very many pictures today.

While we were taking the train back home from downtown, a German woman struck up a conversation with us and described the neighborhoods we were passing by, as well as telling us why the train stops were named as they are. "Lindenbaum"--named after the 100 year-old linden tree next to the station.

We got home and had dinner, and are now trying to stay awake long enough to not have to wake up at 3 am tomorrow.

steel and glass
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